Wednesday, February 23, 2011

. . . of echocardiograms and Brinner

We had a follow up visit at PCMC today. Upon arrival, we were informed that we were scheduled for an echocardiogram, which was news to me. Either they told me and I forgot (likely) or they forgot to tell me. Either way, it was a surprise. I've mentioned before that the echocardiograms are always crazy-making because they always result in our cardiologist saying, "Hmmm. . . ." or "Wasn't expecting that" or "That's unusual." But I told Addie to make sure her heart behaved and we went for the echo. Everything seemed to be going along just fine. The technician told us he was going to show the report to the radiologist and he would be right back (this is usual). But when he came back he said he had to take more pictures. Lane and I looked at each other, thinking "Well, here we go again," but luckily it turned out to be nothing. We saw Dr. Day and he was very pleased with her progress since he last saw her and commented that he is pleased that she has adjusted to using the oxygen at night because it helps her so much and commented that he thinks it is a good idea to continue the coumadin. It doesn't sound like that will be ending any time soon. But things could certainly be worse. It was a very good trip today and we all came home happy. Especially Addie who got to go spend the afternoon at Grandma's house.
I had cub scout Blue and Gold banquet tonight. 4 of my 6 boys were there and they all got some awards. I was even surprised to receive a new patch for my shirt ( I LOVE getting new stuff for my shirt!). It's a quality unit patch - not sure what that means, but HEY - I got something new for my shirt!!! I don't know where it goes, so if anyone knows, please pass the info along.
I am still running 3 times a week. I got a little cocky on Monday when I surprised myself by ending the session with a full five minute run (it was supposed to be 3 minutes - I decided to see if I could do 4 . . . then 5!) So my next running session went like this: warm up, 3 minute run, 90 second walk, 5 minute run, 2 minute walk, 3 minute run, 90 second walk, 5 minute run, cool down. Before Monday I thought there was no way I could do it, I would just repeat week 3 a second time. But after I ran for 5 WHOLE MINUTES, I changed my mind and decided I was up for the challenge. That's where the cocky comes in. 90 seconds is not enough recovery for a 5 minute run, at least not for this fat old gal. I managed along ok, at an EXTREMELY slow pace (I was getting lapped by old people walking - while I was RUNNING!) until the last series. I just couldn't start running again after only 90 seconds, so I was forced to cheat. The 90 second walk turned into a 2 1/2 minute walk and a final 4 minute run instead.
Although I have lived to tell the tale, I was really panting when I finished. And my apologies to all the unfortunate souls who were witness to the pathetic spectacle: I'll do better next time.
It probably wasn't the best idea to run at 7:30 (instead of 8:00, as usual) when I was all tanked up on fried eggs, sausage and bacon (aka BRINNER). There's a chance that better digestion and less fat intake could have brought a better result. It's just a thought.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Are we done YET?

I'm pretty much over winter by January 1. Truth be told, I'm over it before then, but it kinda fits in nicely with the whole Christmas ambiance thing. By the time January is over, and we get teased by the Annual February Thaw, I am WAY over winter. But it always comes to rear it's ugly head again . . . and again in March . . . again in April . . . and at least one last gasp in May just to show who's really in control. Sometimes it goes on into June. If it isn't snow in June, then it's rain . . . and rain . . . and still more rain. Don't even bother with the whole "but we need the water" concept. I'm bored with that.

Some years ago my mom took me to see "Camelot" up in SLC (with Robert Goulet, no less), and it was then that I decided that I need to live in Camelot. Who wouldn't want to live there?

"A law was made a distant moon ago here:
July and August cannot be too hot.
And there's a legal limit to the snow here
In Camelot.
The winter is forbidden til December
and exits March the second on the dot.
By order summer lingers through September
in Camelot.
. . .
The rain may never fall til after sundown.
By eight the morning fog must disappear.
I short there's simply not
A more congenial spot
For happlily-ever-aftering
than here in Camelot."
Yeah, I gotta move there. Particularly on a typical February/Utah day like this that started off so beautifully sunny and warm and ended so nasty and windy and cold. It is for this very reason that this is part of of my homepage. Lane and I sat at this very beach just last November, although it seems like a lifetime ago.
Must get back to 7 Mile Beach.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Disability Awareness

Isn't it pretty? There is actually a patch and pin too, but I couldn't find pictures of those. I found out about the patch at a Roundtable Meeting and decided we were going to earn it. Little did I know, how much blood, sweat and tears was going into earning it. I shouldn't say that. It's not quite blood, but there was sweat and there were lots of tears.
First, let me say I don't like to ask for help. I know that other people are busy with their own lives and fitting in "helping Lari out" can be an annoying burden. But, darn it, I was committed to earning this award but I couldn't do it on my own. I have no disability qualifications - well, not the required disabilities, anyway. I have plenty of things that could probably count as a disability of one sort or another. For instance, have you seen me throw? Or run?
Anway, I had to ask for help. There was no getting around it. Thank goodness for good friends. The three people I asked for help each said yes without any sort of hesitation, even from my life-long friend Nichole who is, and has always been, a crier. Thanks Nichole. I know that was hard for you, but I know 6 little boys who have a greater appreciation now for your sweet little angel. And to my friend Camie, who managed to get there to help me out tonigh despite me telling her the wrong address and the wrong day, a heartfelt thank you. And, of course, to Marilyn, who herself was born to be a Den Leader - thank you for your help.
Somehow my 6 little scouts, bundles of perpetual motion that they are, managed to sit there politely and respectfully and listen to the lesson. I was so impressed with them. Whoever says they will never serve in a scout position doesn't know what they are missing out on. To be involved in the life of a cub scout is truly a gift.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

See Lari run. Funny, funny, Lari.

Addie called to come home from school yesterday afternoon. Since I was at work, I called my parents to see if they were available to go pick her up. They were, so they went and got her and took her to their house. Around 2:30 my mom called to say that Addie had a fever of 102. I told her I would call the doctor and see what he recommended.

I called my doctor and he said he wanted to see her. Her temperature was 103 when they took it there at the doctors office, but she wasn't acting very sick. The doctor looked her over and pronounced it a virus. Lots of rest, he said. Watch to see it doesn't turn into anything more serious.

She was also scheduled for another blood draw for her coumadin, so we got that done since we were right there by the hospital. Poor thing, has had to have her blood drawn so often - sometimes once a week, sometimes every other week - and she has been so brave. They called me with results today. Her PT/INR level has been consistent for a while now, so we don't have to have another draw for 3 weeks! Wahoo!

I kept her home from school today, and I stayed home with her. Her fever was low-grade and she played and was quite herself all day. She ate good today, so hopefully there will be no fever tomorrow and she can go back to school. She was climing the walls a little bit from being inside all day long.

So I went for my run tonight. My shins are doing so much better - it's quite miraculous really. I wasn't dreading the run, and curious to find out how these old shins held up after the TLC I've been giving them. I got to the gym with Jack and started up my ipod app only to find out that my ipod battery was at critical level. Yikes! How did that happen? The optimist in me said that I had enough power to do my little-bitty run. Um . . . not so much. Half way through the first song, it went kaput. Great. Now how was I supposed to know when to walk and when to run? What was I supposed to use as a pacesetter? I didn't even have a watch on to time myself.

I knew that my runs now last for about 3/4 of a lap. But since 3/4 of a lap is hard to keep track of, I opted to do a 1 lap run, 1 lap walk. (Stop laughing!) Well, what do you know? I did my 1 lap run and didn't die. My shins were not screaming out for relief. My last lap I even did an extra 1/4 just for kicks and giggles. And do you know what? I could have kept going. I wanted to keep going. I should have kept going. But it was 9:00 and time to get Jack to bed. So I stopped.

While my 1 lap run is barely noteworthy, it is a milestone to me. After all, a journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. Or lap.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why not red?

Thanks in part to some new running shoes (a thoughtful birthday gift from Lane) my screaming shins have pretty much stopped screaming. I have completed 2 weeks of my Couch25k training and am still alive to tell the tale. Every time I complete my run/walk (which to be honest is really more of a shuffle/walk) I feel like I have accomplished something huge. I have never been a runner at all (ask anyone who has ever had the misfortune to see me run) so to do this is a huge accomplishment. The run/walk is now up to almost 2.5 miles - an on a track, not a treadmill. It's true that some other people on the track can walk as fast as I run/shuffle. It's also true that I determine my distance from a pedometer that counts my steps, rather than my distance because my run/shuffle stride is so short that I figured I would get discouraged if I counted my actual distance. I am working on lengthening out my stride now that my shins are recovering. And so far none of the friends whom I run into at the gym have snickered about my form to my face. And most importantly, I'm still sticking with it. Commitment to any form of exercise has always been, and continues to be, an enormous challenge.

I got a new scout shirt for my birthday. The one I had I got as a hand-me-down about 7 years ago and it has never fit well. So I spent the Super Bowl today getting all my patches moved from my old shirt onto my new shirt. It's a tedious task, so it's good to have it out of the way. Since I was at it, I sewed Jack's merit badge patches onto his sash thing. Not sure what it's called. He has another Court of Honor coming up this month and should be advanced to First Class, which means another pin for me - as always, it's all about me.

I also got a new phone last week. I like the new phone, but dislike tremendously the learning curve of getting a new phone. I got a new phone back in October - a touch screen/non-Smart Phone type that I kept for a week and returned because I hated it. This one is much better. Except that nothing on the LG phone is where it was on my Samsung phone. Go figure. Don't even get me started on the ringtone fiasco. I have opted to settle for Coldplay while I am figuring out how to get my Friday Night Lights theme song on there again. And this new phone isn't red. All phones should have a Red option. It's just a good policy. Black phones are boring. Silver phones are boring. This one has orange on the slide-out keyboard, but orange isn't red, and the face is still black. Boring. So very boring.