Saturday, May 19, 2012

FHE Hike

Last week for Family Home Evening we took our family, Lane's parents and Grandma and hiked up to the first waterfall in Battle Creek canyon.  It's the first time up this spring/summer and the trail was much improved over last year since there hasn't been so much water.  Grandma has been up there before, but Lane's parents haven't.  I hope they enjoyed the trip and will be willing to go with us again.

 Grandma - so proud she made it up again.  
It bears mentioning that she will be 82 in September.

Me with Lane's mom.  

 Jack with Lane's dad.

 Jack at the base of the waterfall.


One Sunday after church, we took a picnic and went up the hill to a park near our house.  The playground equipment is clearly designed for children younger than mine.  Especially Jack.  But it's not like him to not play around anyway.

 Seriously.  He wanted me to catch him at the bottom of the slide.

 Addie fit just fine in the spiral slide . . . 

Jack, not so much.  He got out of the slide announcing that he had snapped his spine.
It was a pretty tight fit for him in there.

Alpine Days

 Jack qualified for Alpine Days in High Jump because not enough other kids wanted to do it.  He didn't clear the first round, but he was a good sport to participate.

 He also threw the shot put.  He had 4 attempts, his longest around 26 feet, which we thought was pretty good, until a kid stepped up and threw 47 feet.  I think Jack finished in 16th place.

I took a half day off work to watch Alpine Days.  I had so much fun, and at the other track meets I attended.  I had a good laugh at Jack's expense when his coach informed him he needed to run the 4x100 relay.  Jack looked positively terrified.  In the end he wasn't needed to run, much to Jack's relief.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

And that's why I'm not losing weight

Early in April we had a check-up for Addie at PCMC.  All was well and we go back in December.

 This is the first in the series of waiting rooms - the Clinic waiting room, as opposed to the Xray waiting room . . . or the lab waiting room . . .  There is a lot of waiting at PCMC.  We've learned to come prepared.
Now that they have wi-fi, the waiting passes much more quickly.

 Addie wanted to have her hair done up and take her doll Piper.  She always has to take a doll.

 Later in April, Lane and I made an overnight trip to a B&B in Salt Lake to celebrate our 20th anniversary.  The B&B was AWESOME and I am so ready to go back.  We stayed at Armstrong Mansion.  I think it was on about 7th East and 100 South?  Not quite sure, but it was on the opposite corner of the Downtown Anniversary Inn.  I loved it.

We went up on Friday evening, and had dinner at a Ruby River steakhouse there on 7th East.  It didn't seem as good as the Ruby River in Provo, but maybe that's just because I haven't been there for a long time.   It was a little disappointing, I must admit, although the service was really good.

We didn't realize that Saturday morning was the SLC marathon, but we ventured the few blocks to downtown anyway to check out the new City Creek Center.  It was really cool with all the fountains and everything they have done.  The stores are super expensive, but we did have lunch at the Cheesecake Factory while we were there.

I've only been to a Cheesecake Factory once (Lane never) and that was in 2001 on our Seattle/Victoria/Discovery Bay trip.  I remember it being ok, but nothing to write home about.  But since we are now all Big Time having one in SLC, we figured we'd give it a shot.

I don't even remember now what I had for lunch, but I am pretty sure I read the entire novel - um, menu - before I finally decided.  Whatever it was, I remember it was delicious.

 But what I remember the most is that I wanted to have this picture from the menu blown up poster size and hung on my wall.  That is the most beautiful-looking piece of cheesecake I have ever seen.  And WHAT could possibly be better than the  combination of 2 of my very most favoritest things:  red velvet cake and cheesecake!  All rolled into one!!  That's why I can't remember my dinner.  I was way to focused on making sure I had room for the cheesecake.  Which I didn't.  But I ate it anyway.

And I don't feel bad about it.