Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Family Pictures

Isn't she cute?

Taylor was home recently for Fall Break and so we got some family pictures done. Thanks so much to Brandon and McKenzie Clark and Nanette Clark for sparing some time on a lovely Sunday afternoon to get this done for us.

Brandon was falling out of a tree while trying to shade the sun for the picture. It provided for excellent entertainment.

 She's so pretty.

I guess this is his official family picture shirt.  He's worn it more than once.  We're so proud of him.

Lane finally, FINALLY, finished up his degree.  It has been a long road for him, but now its done.   Which means he can't use "I have homework" as an excuse to get out doing stuff he doesn't want to do anymore.  That came in handy for him.   But what a relief for both of us to have that out of the way and done.  Now we are hoping that the degree will open up some new doors for him.

The Marching Band season is finally winding down.  The Band leaves for their Tour this week. This year they are going to Disneyland.  Since we are terrible, non-Disney parents, this is Jack's first trip to the Happiest Place on Earth, and he is super excited to go.  In their last competition of the season, the drumline took First Place against 9 other bands.  The Marching Band took 3rd place overall.  He was beyond thrilled with the 1st place win.  Winter Drumline starts up in November, so he will have a little break before he's back at it again.  But thankfully, Winter Drumline doesn't take up nearly as much time.  3 of his school classes are band stuff:  Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, and Percussion.  So yeah, music is a big part of his life.  He is really enjoying the independence that a Drivers License brings, and so am I.  Its so nice not to have to drive him around so much.  In fact, now I make him drive me around.

Addie is turning 12 at the end of this week and had her last day in Primary on Sunday, which happened to be our Primary Program.  What a nice week to have be the last one.  So she is off to Young Women starting on Sunday.  Then at the first of the year she will be part of our Sunday School class.  She wasn't too happy with that realization.

Taylor is busy at USU with 18 credits this semester.  She got a job at Kohls up in Logan and started this week.  My hope is that she won't spend her entire salary on boots.  Sadly, the job will prevent her from being at home as much over the holidays, but we are grateful she found a good job, so we will just enjoy whatever time we do get to spend together.

It is now time to start making Christmas plans.  I did very few projects last Christmas, and with my chauffeuring hours cut way down, and no longer being in Scouts, I think I might be able to take on some projects this year.  I have been pinning away like a crazy person on Pinterest, finding ways to use up my piles and piles of scrap fabric. I always prefer to make gifts rather than buy them, as much as possible.  I'm not sure the receivers have that same preference, but I guess that's the price they have to pay for the joy of knowing me.  Unfortunately, everything comes with a price.  But this price, for my poor loved ones, may be too high.  Well, at least they are kind about it.  To my face, anyway.