Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Another Jackism List

I realized that I have acquired many more Jackisms since I last made a list, so this brings us up to current.  (See original Jackism list February 22, 2013).  I really have to wonder what he says when I'm NOT around.  :)

This list also includes a Laneism and a Taylorism.


Jackism #50: Me: Jack, when you find yourself in a hole it's best to just stop digging. 
Jack: Not if you have a jetpack.

Jackism #51: I like smiling. But I don't care for the other emotions.

Jackism #52: (while watching Return of the Jedi) The stormtroopers really need to upgrade their armor. It's extremely ineffective.

Jackism #53: Dots and licorice aren't movie food. You wanna know what IS movie food? Tacos.

Jackism #54: (spelling is not Jack's super power)
Me: How do you spell "hors d'oeuvers"?
Jack: Eu . . . 
Me: Eu?
Jack: Yeah, because they are French.
Me: So what?
Jack: France is in Europe. Europe starts with "Eu." Duh.

Jackism #55: My milkshake tastes like magic and sunshine.

Jackism #56: I want bongos for Christmas.

Jackism #57: Me: You need to call Brother Merrill.
Jack: He's not home. I just saw him drive by in his car, and he was headed Orem-ly.

Jackism #58:  (Jack's Facebook account got hacked: For any one who saw the picture that was shared on my profile, i am sorry i think my facebook has been hacked because ive not been on since saturday and I didn't share that gross picture 
Ive changed my password and uped computer security sorry
so heres a picture of gandalf

Jackism #58: This song is terrible. I can feel my IQ dropping. (The song was Need a Little Love by Depeche Mode)

Jackism #59: (when we passed his history teacher riding a bike while we were out for our nightly walk) Well, that was a big bag of awkward.

Jackism #60: Jack: Oooooh! Steak!! (leftovers in the fridge)
Me: Hey! We're going to be having a big dinner in a little while, you know.
Jack: I know. That's why I'm just eating one steak.

Jackism #61: Me: What if the girl you marry isn't as nerdy as you?
Jack: Then I'll have a lot of explaining to do.

Jackism #62: Jack: Can I borrow your (portable) speaker?
Me: No. You never bring it back.
Jack: Please! Please let me borrow your speaker.
Me? Will you bring it back?
Jack: Probably not.

Jackism #63: Lane: Who ate all my Oreo's?
Jack: I ate the last 7 in the package.
Me: You ate 7 Oreo's?
Jack: No. It was actually 10.

Jackism #64: Me: I'm coming upstairs.
Jack: Don't come yet. I have something on my floor.
Me: Something? Only one thing? What is that "one" thing?
Jack: All of my clothes.

Jackism #65: (at parent teacher conference)
English Teacher: You are doing very well. Let's discuss your skill set.
Jack: I can't spell. I'll just put that out there now.

Jackism #64: (me trying to get a reluctant Jack to help me string lights on the tree)
Me: A Scout does not procrastinate.
Jack: A Scout also knows his limitations. And that is not in the oath.
Me: Ok, a Scout is helpful.
Jack: I'll be helpful tomorrow.

Jackism #65: Me: name the 7 dwarves. 
Jack: Sleepy. . . Dopey . . . Biscuit . . .

Jackism #66: What's that smell? It smells like broken dreams.

Jackism #67: Jack: when is dinner? I'm starving. 
Me: didn't you have a snack after school?
Jack: yeah, but I only had 4 eggs and 2 sandwiches.

Jackism #68: Me: Here, Jack. Try my new [ball] massager.
Jack:  But balls don't feel good . . . I should have worded that better.

Jackism #69: Lane: Pour out this lemonade and fill the glass with milk.
Jack: Ewww NO!! You can't cross-cup!

Jackism #70: Apricots are just disappointing peaches.

Jackism #71: I hate this song, but I can't turn it off. It's like the train wreck of songs.

Jackism #72: Lane: Jack, don't eat it all. I want to have a piece later.

Jackism #73: look at this action figure. I can make him twerk.

Jackism #74: Me: You just cut off that car!
Jack: I'm sorry! That's what happens when I'm driving while hungry!

Jackism #75: Chubby's is not centrally located. It's left-eastern.

Taylorism: Me: what operating system is on your laptop?
Taylor: Toshiba.

Laneism: Addie: what city is Jane (from Tarzan) from?
Lane: Pittsburgh

Jackism #76: I asked Jack to make new folders on the computer for music I just downloaded. He made 2 folders and named them Gumflangle and Shibbityboo.

Jackism #77: I need a drink. And by drink, I mean a banana.

Jackism #78: Did they just kill Henry Blake? That really sucks.

Jackism #79: Addie: (looking at a baby picture of Jack) what happened to that birthmark on your head?
Jack: it's on my leg now.

Jackism #80: I always do better at this game (trivia crack) when I'm on the toilet.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Cruise 2015

So . . . I'm way behind on the blogging.  You know how it is, kids activities, church callings, family stuff.  Plus I'm lazy.  Yeah, it's mostly the lazy thing.  So now if I hurry and do this I can finally cross it off my to-do list instead of just moving it from day to day . . . to day.

And if it looks like we mostly just sat around taking selfies, that's probably because we just sat around taking selfies.  We're just exciting like that.

 Apparently he's going for the Jaba the Hut thing.  And for the record, he worked really hard to get that much chin.  He's kind of a dork.

I've waited so long to blog about this, I don't even know what's in the background. Somewhere in Mexico. That's all I've got.

3 stops in Mexico and we took 1 shore excursion.  We had planned on going whale watching, but it got cancelled.  So we took a little ride around the water at Mazatlan.  It was ok, I guess.  It was short, the guide was entertaining, but we've been spoiled by the other Mexican coast.

So lest you mock us for doing nothing, that's what we like about cruises.  All the doing of nothing.  Plus, when everyone is off the ship, that's the best time to hang out at the pool.  (Which we did, but there is no photographic evidence of it for good reason.  You may thank me later.)

  I have no recollection of the beads.  There must be a reason?

Looking back at Mazatlan . . . 

 I found it terribly amusing that at our final stop in Mexico, what's the first thing people see?  A Sam's Club and a Walmart.   Meh.

And the US Coast Guard.

This was a longer cruise - 7 days - so it included 2 formal nights.  This is the second one.  We didn't do any pictures at the first one.  We're lame, what can I say?  But at least I got 2 pictures of him not pulling a face!

Final review of the cruise:  Ship was great (Carnival Miracle).  I would sail on it again.  It was a weird layout from Carnival's other ships - all the main public areas (except the pools) were down low (decks 2-4) instead of where we are used to (decks 7-9).  It was not as Las Vegas-y as other ships, which was a nice change.  Our room steward was the best we've ever had, but our dining room wait staff was only so-so.    I wouldn't do this itinerary again, mostly because we've been spoiled by the lush, jungle-y Cozumel side of Mexico and the west coast is not so much.  Frankly, the only reason we took this one was because air fare to Florida was crazy high, and air fare to California is much cheaper, but the cruises are more expensive.  So we got the 7 day cruise (suite included) for the same price overall as a 5 day cruise from Florida.  But I probably won't do it again.  At least not any time soon.  One last thing:  I remember why we go in September.  Spring is too cold.  Ok, so it's not super cold, but when I'm on a cruise, I want it to be hot.  And this wasn't.  And that's also why you won't find me on an Alaskan cruise.  I'll stick to the warmer, beachier ports.  And I'll go back to September cruises.  No more of this spring stuff. But this spring cruise did coincide with our 23rd anniversary, so that was cool.

The best thing was that about 2 weeks prior to sailing Carnival called me to say the ship wasn't full and would I like to upgrade to a suite?  It cost a little more, but less than half what it should have so I took it.  The room was about twice as bit (cruise ship rooms are tiny, so twice as big is still tiny), but the bathroom had a double vanity and a bathtub.  There was also a separate dressing room.  So yeah, a suite is pretty sweet.  Would I pay full price for it?  Probably not.  But it was fun to try out once.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Snow College Class of 1990 - Can you believe its been 25 years?!?

Once upon a time, a long, LONG time ago I set my heart on going to Snow College.  This came after going to a Youth Conference there between my Junior and Senior years of high school.  I had never been to Snow College prior to then, and as soon as I set my foot on campus that first day of Youth Conference, I knew that was the place for me.  I'm not sure why, but it just sort of . . . fit.

When I told friends at school where I had decided to go, I got one of two responses:  "Where?"  and, more commonly, "Why?"  I understood the Where, but the Why hurt.  Not everyone was destined for BYU, or even the school of the day, UVCC (which of course later became UVSC, then UVSU, and currently UVU, although it could easily be called BYU West).

So off I went in September of 1988.  I knew 3 of my roommates from high school, but the other 2 were unknown.  I can still remember how nervous I was for the whole college experience, but how excited at the same time.  Living away from home and all that.  Having friends to live with helped that transition immensely.

So we all got settled in to Pinetree #15: Me, Heather, KyLee, Toni (who later became Crissy, who later became Tricia), Lori and Becky.

I really lucked out, roommate wise.  We got along really well and had a blast living together.  I think I've mentioned before that we get together for lunch once a year or so, but I think I've dropped the ball on that.  I think its been 2 years since we last got together.  I better get on that.

It was so much fun, my Freshman year.  Honestly, I can't think of a more fun school year in my life than my Freshman year at Snow College.

Sure, we had some "moments."  Cleaning out the fridge was always a horror.  Why was there always so much tuna fish?  I refuse to eat expired dairy, so my milk etc was up for grabs as soon as the expiration date rolled around (apparently that's a weird thing).  And lest we forget, my absolute refusal to play intramural softball.  Once I was needed to avoid a forfeit, so I angrily stood in right field, refusing to move AT ALL.  If a ball was hit my direction (and a few were), I just stood there and let someone else get it.  But we did avoid the forfeit.  And in case you are wondering, it was Becky's fault.  She was late to the game.  Stupid boyfriend.  Whom she later married.

But the best thing to come out of Freshman year was a sweet guy named Lane.  Funny thing is I remember seeing him all the time, all over campus. But we never spoke.  Then when Tricia moved in in January, guess who came to visit her? That guy I saw all over the place.  Turns out he was a friend of hers from West Jordan High.  So that's how we met. 

I wasn't looking for anyone at the time, I dated a little, but only a little. I was waiting for a missionary at the time.  But they say when you aren't looking, look out.

So we met not long before my birthday, and after that when he would see me on campus he would say "Happy Birthday Larry."  He knew my name wasn't Larry, but he did know it agitated me.  

And here we are, 23 years later.  And he's still agitating me.

Funny thing: of the 6 of us in the apartment that year, 5 of us married our missionaries.  Ok, KyLee's missionary was from high school, but the rest of us met our guys at Snow College during that year and married them.  And are still married to them.  :)

Halloween 1988

Innagural Ball, 1989

Lane had annoyed us somehow, so we convinced him and his roommate Mark to come stand under my apartment window so I could take their picture.  Stupid boys - they came and stood under the window while my roommates dumped water on them from our 2nd floor apartment.

So off Lane went on his mission (so I followed up my waiting for a missionary with waiting for another missionary), and back I went to Snow College for Sophomore year.  I lived again in Pinetree #15, but only Lori and Heather returned.  New roommates were RuthAnn (replaced by another Heather), Jennie Lin, and Wendi.

Again, we had a great time.  But I was missing Lane and preparing for a transfer to BYU so I was a little more accademically inclined that year and didn't spend so much time goofing off.

That year I cut Heather's leg badly (or was that Freshman year?) and had endless frustrations with Lori who wouldn't write her term papers in a timely enough manner for me.  Seriously, that was the worst stress I ever experienced in 2 years down there: knowing she had a term paper due that she hadn't even started yet.  You see, I was the sort of student who started on a paper the day it was assigned. I still can't do things last minute, and I need those around me to not do things last minute either.  I think Lori would intentionally push me to the edge just to see if I would actually write the paper for her, just to get it done.  (Just kidding Lori. You know I love you.)

But I made some great friends that 2nd year at Snow.  We lived across the hall from a bunch of guys on the baseball team, and they were so much fun. I actually went to baseball games that year, getting sunburned on more than one occasion, and learned a few things about the game, which prepared me for living with my baseball-loving husband  (I might understand the game a little bit more, but I still don't like it,  Its so slow!)  Lori and I even drove to Helper to watch them play once.  I'm not sure why.  Helper?  Really?

Also that second year at Snow, I drove from Ephraim to Nephi for salt and vinegar chips because there weren't any in Manti, Ephraim, Moroni, or Mount Pleasant.  Sometimes you just gotta have some chips.

Halloween, 1989

Tricia and KyLee came for a visit and we apparently decided to spend some time being disrespectful at the Manti Temple

Graduation day
June 2, 1990

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dear Old Friends . . .

Sometimes on a lazy Sunday morning, like today, when I am wide awake not inclined to get out of bed, my mind wanders.  Today my wandering mind took me to old friends.

Some of my old friends I have kept up with through the years.  I bump into them occasionally around town, or I get a Christmas card with a long letter (some people hate those letters, I LOVE them!) telling all about their families.

My college roommates, particularly those from Freshman year, I have kept up with.  We get together now and then for a lengthy lunch at a restaurant and catch up on all the happenings in our lives.

My besties from my childhood I keep up with.  I know what Laura is up to, although she has moved from PG, Nichole lives close by and I see her regularly.  Jennifer is now working with me so I get to chat with her daily over lunch.  Heather also falls into the college roommate category, and is a frequent Facebook poster.

But what about those friends who are only in our lives for a short time?  They still have an impact, at least they have in my life and I think about them from time to time.

There was a girl in elementary school.  She was tall, like I was.  Not as tall as me, but she was probably the closest to my height.  I was/am a slow runner, and I thought that meant that tall people couldn't run fast, because all the fast runners I knew were short.  I remember watching her run the 50 yard dash for that Presidential Physical Fitness thing they used to do, and she was super fast.  There went my theory.   I found out I was slow just because I was slow.  No excuses.  What a let down.  We were pretty good friends in elementary school, and drifted some in junior high and even more in high school.  In fact, I'm not sure I remember her in high school at all.  I'll have to consult the yearbook on that one.  Her mom drove a Volvo and always wore her hair in a bun.  She was the only mom I knew who wore her hair that way back then.  But as for Elizabeth, she was a good friend and I miss her.

I had a lot of good friends during my 2 years at Snow College.  I remember after leaving Snow, some of us got together for some reason.  One guy in the group was my ride home, and as we drove home he made some sort of not-thinking, off-the-cuff comment that hurt my feelings badly.  Luckily it was late at night and dark, and I spent the rest of the ride home quietly crying in the passenger seat.   He never knew I was crying.  He just kept jabbering away.  And knowing this person, I'm absolutely sure, then and now, that he never intended in any way to hurt me. But he did.  And although that was extremely painful, that moment was a life altering one for me, for the better, and I still consider him a dear friend, even though I haven't seen or talked to him in years, and only follow him through his occasional posts on Facebook.

There are others, friends who drift in and out of our lives, leaving marks (hopefully for good) upon our hearts. Even though Facebook has made the world smaller, it would still be a wonderful thing to be able to track down these good people and have a long talk with them.  A frank and honest talk. One in which I could have the courage to say to my friends that even though they have been gone from my life for a long time, they have impacted my life in ways that still matter to me today.  A talk when I could ask them, and they could be honest with me: Has life been good to you?  Are you happy? What has happened to you in the intervening years that have made you stronger? What is the most important to you?

To my readers: please know that each of you has impacted my life for good. I am grateful for you.  And even though I don't keep in touch like I should, I still think of you.

I hope life has been good to you.  I hope you are happy.  I hope the years since I have seen you have brought you experiences that have made you stronger.  And I hope that the things that are important to you are the things that bring you the most happiness.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pedis, Facials and Movies

I never go to the movies.  Typically 1 per year.  Maybe.  One year Lane and I saw 4 movies.  It was weird for us.

So far this year I have seen 2.  I don't see anything on the horizon that catches my fancy, so that might be it for 2015.

Lane and I went to see McFarland USA on a Saturday evening.  It was good, I recommend it highly. But its . . . you know . . . a typical predictable, feel-good type movie.  And that's just the kind of movie I like.  I don't watch the super hero stuff.  I must be too stupid to follow it or something because I just get confused with too much going on.  I'm pretty simple-minded about most things, particularly movies.

Then the next Tuesday I took Addie to see Cinderella.  I was wise to leave Lane at home, because he would have HATED it.  But I loved it. It was so well done, and I liked how they included small tributes to the Disney animated version, rather than pretend that classic doesn't exist.

Including Cinderella, I've had quite a girly month.  Taylor was home for a few days for her spring break, so we went for Pedis.  I haven't had one in a long time, and apparently she never has.  She went off-character even and opted for the glitter toes.  It was a fun afternoon and now my toes make me smile.

Not to leave out Addie, she and I went for facials later that week.  I haven't had a full facial before, just a mini-facial. And believe me, what a treat that was!  I could do that all the time!

And so continuing on with my good March karma that seems to be going, Taylor has decided to transfer to UVU this fall.  So she will be come home to live for the summer and then (hopefully) she'll move in with her cousin Stephanie and go to school.  I'm so excited to have her so much closer than Logan!  Hoping all the small details will fall into place, and that she will be able to find an affordable car for her since hers (apparently named Eileen, as in "Come On Eileen!") has died a very sad and tragic death (transmission).

And finally, today I printed off my cruise documents for Cruise 2015 which is coming up shortly.  So excited! We are doing a 7-day for the first time ever and I'm beyond excited for the time away from home and work and all the stuff that comes with home and work . . .

Jack's drumline is in its final stages, so we'll be able to see him now and again.  He's like a boarder who just rents a room and comes and goes in the dark hours of the morning and night.  He and his friend scored a 95 on the FCCLA project this year, but sadly that wasn't good enough to qualify for Nationals.  Apparently for the type of project they did, only the top 15 in the country qualify for Nationals, instead of taking the top scorer in each state.  I was bummed out because its in Washington DC and I really wanted to go.  He's bummed too, I'm sure, but again it's really all about me.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

I'm Sad

Ahhh. . . Netflix.  What would we do on Sunday afternoons without you?

We binge watch TV on Sunday afternoons.  We don't get to watch a lot of TV during the week with everything going on, so Sunday is Our Day.   We squeeze in whatever is on the DVR and whatever is our current passion on Netflix.

Chuck was our passion.

But now its over.

And I'm sad.

I have no recollection of Chuck being on TV.  But apparently it started in about 2007 and ran for 5 seasons. 5 glorious seasons. 

But now its over.

And I'm really sad.

We started watching it on a whim after we finished something else.  Life, I think.  Preceeded by The Glades. 

But now its over.

And I'm really, super sad.

I really enjoyed The Glades.  It was a good murder/crime type show.  Life was good.  Another murder/crime type show.  But Chuck was easily the best.  

But now its over.

And I'm really, really, super sad.

And Chuck himself, as Addie (always the Disney princess) pointed out to us, is also Flynn Ryder.  Another reason to love him.  I mean, to love the show.

But now its over.

And I'm really, really, super, duper sad.

P.S.  I may have a deep and abiding crush on Flynn Ryder.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

MC Clap Yo Handz

The Geek Hierarchy as found on Pinterest

The Princess subway art, again as found on Pinterest

Burton Guster's nicknames

Whether found on Pinterest or not, I did all the typesetting, etc myself.  The top 2 were easy, the nicknames, not so much.  It took quite some time to track down the Psych font and get everything to work out with justified margins and spacing.  I wanted to incorporate a pineapple somehow, but I just couldn't get it to work out right.  

And why is MC Clap Yo Handz so big?  Because it's my favorite, that's why.

My art, my way.

I'll need more flannel

 Jack playing the bells

For Christmas Eve it is our custom to have a musical presentation by each of the kids.  Typically, that means that Jack has to do more presentations since he can play more stuff.  Weird thing, he "accidentally" left his trombone at school rendering him unable to play that instrument for Christmas Eve.  As punishment, I had him do a vocal number with Addie.  I think he won't "forget" his trombone again.

 Addie and Jack singing "Silent Night," Taylor accompanying

 Addie on the piano

 It is another of our custom that the gifts between the kids be homemade.  Supposedly by them.  Meaning:  Mom makes the gifts.

Jack "made" for Taylor a full list of all the Burton Guster nicknames from Psych. Taylor loves Psych.  Actually, we all love Psych, but Taylor loves it extra much.

 Addie printed off some Disney Princess coloring pages. Taylor still loves to color.  Shhh, don't tell.

 Addie "made" print of the Geek Hierarchy for Jack. She found it on Pinterest.

 Taylor made (no, really. She actually did this on her own) bowls with Jack's and Addie's names on them.

Apparently not photographed is the Princess subway art type thing that Jack "made" for Addie.  I'll have to include it in another post.  It turned out really cute.  Another Pinterest find.

Actually, Pinterest was my best friend this Christmas.  For once I actually made some stuff I had pinned, and it even turned out!

 Addie in her Christmas pajamas, with doll pajamas to match.

 Doll clothes I made . . .

  . . . and more doll clothes that I made (Pinterest) . . .

  . . . and an apron and chef's hat (Pinterest)  . . .

  . . . and still more that I made . . .

 . . . and yet even more that I made.

I sewed more this Christmas than I have in recent memory.  I had all kinds of fun, paced myself well, and got it all done with time to spare.  In fact, the matching doll pajamas weren't part of the original plan, I just found myself with extra time.  Crazy!

 Taylor asleep

 Jack playing a new video game

 I made this Christmas tree skirt.  I had been thinking about it in my head for a year, but couldn't figure out how to get the angles right so it would actually make a circle. So I asked Jack.  He figured it out in about 2 minutes.  It was embarrassing.

 Again the doll apron and hat

And finally, the doll sleeping bags and pillows I made.  (Pinterest)

I also sewed aprons for both my girls.  Addie's, of course, matches her doll's.  And I made some oven mitts to match Taylor's apron.  I used up tons of my fabric scraps, so that's always good. 

Jack does stuff just to get under my skin.  He argues with me for no reason.  He, in short, pokes me with a sharp stick just to get a reaction.  Case in point: Who would EVER eat a Kit Kat like that?  It's just wrong beyond words.  Just looking at the photo is painful.

Lane is officially a graduate of U of Phx.  It's been a long, long journey filled with plenty of weeping, wailing (Statistics) and gnashing of teeth (Photoshop).  As it turns out, the timing was perfect since the job he went back to school to be eligible for became available in December.  He applied, interviewed, and was offered the job.  He is now the Plant Hygienist.  I'm not entirely sure what that means in English, but I know it means this:  He can get up with me at 4:45 am and go with me to the gym.  And he get to have an office with real walls and everything (he calls it a closet).   Funny how it all timed out so perfectly.  Further evidence of how blessed we are.

During the Christmas break while I was off work I sewed up a baby quilt for a friend who had her first baby.  It turned really cute.  Cute enough that the new mom was impressed with all the hard work I had gone to to make something so nice.  Truth be told:  5 hours of work, including the time spent shopping and cutting out the squares. It's the worlds easiest and most forgiving quilt. 

The Favorite Family Quilt is dying, so I guess I'll make this type of quilt to replace it.  Maybe more than one since everyone fights over the Favorite Family Quilt at Sunday Afternoon Nap Time.