Wednesday, March 6, 2013

390 Days

Cruise 2014 is all set.  That would be in a mere 390 days.  It's just around the corner.

Not really.

We didn't cruise in 2012 because of Lane being in school, and we won't be going in 2013 either.  Same reason.

Take a lesson, young people.  This is why you go to school when you are young and not when you are 40+ and can finally afford to take a decent vaction.

But Lane got his final schedule through the end of his schooling, and his last class ends on February 10, so we are free to cruise anytime thereafter.  Hooray!

Lane also knows that I have been looking for a valid excuse to get a balcony room and so he "insisted" that he has earned such a luxury by finishing up his degree a mere 20 years behind the original plan.  Hey - no argument here.  Balcony room - check.

I guess we didn't scare away our friends Dennis and Jennifer on Cruise 2010 since they are willing to join us again in 2014.  I thought we had a good time, so it's a relief to find out they did too.  Or at least Jennifer.  I'm not sure she speaks for Dennis.  But she probably does.

So just as a warm reminder (especially since we are supposed to get snow tomorrow), let's revisit Cruise 2011, since Cruise 2014 is a do-over.

Yeah, it was that good.

Crap. Now I really have to get serious about losing some weight.

I say that every time.  :)