Monday, May 12, 2014

Finally . . . Officially . . . Ceremoniously . . . An Eagle Scout

 I come from a long line of Scouters.  I'm not sure who came before Grandpa Calvin Walker, Scout-wise, but I do know this:  Grandpa Walker was a big-time Scouter.  And all of his 5 sons, to the best of my knowledge, were also big-time Scouters.  One of the things I remember best about Grandma and Grandpa Walker's house here in PG - besides the saloon doors on the kitchen and the white rug that we won't discuss because it still hurts - was a photograph hanging near those kitchen saloon doors of Grandpa and all 5 of his sons all Scout-Uniformed-up.  I wonder who inherited that photograph?  I wouldn't mind having a copy of that.

Anyway, growing up a Walker in Pleasant Grove is a unique experience.  Every year on the first day of school as the teacher (or teachers) would call roll, and come to Lari Walker, I would inevitably get the question: "Which Walker are you from?"

And I would answer, "I belong to Jerry, who belonged to Calvin."  And then the teacher would sigh, and say something like, "Oh yes. Calvin.  He was my bishop/principal/scoutmaster."  Being a descendent of Calvin automatically set the bar high, and I knew I had to measure up.  Plus my mom, who is not native to Pleasant Grove like all those Walkers, but might as well be, was the editor of the town paper and seemed to always be in the know about daughters who were up to mischief.  Luckily, it was usually my sister Sabrina who was up to mischief.  I was the good child.  I can say that because Sabrina doesn't read my blog.

But back to the Scout thing.  We finally got to have our Eagle Court of Honor (yes, I do mean OUR). So now Jack can carry on the tradition of Scouting in the footsteps of his Great-Grandpa Calvin, his Grandpa Jerry, and his Uncle Calvin Walker.  We rare so proud of him.  He worked really hard to achieve this goal, and although he didn't quite make it by his 14th birthday (my goal, not his) he did by his 15th birthday.  And now I have a full set of BSA pins on my Scout shirt, because it is, after all, all about me.

 Jack's Uncle JD (also and Eagle Scout) gave the Eagle Charge

Lane (not an Eagle Scout, but my family is nice to him anyway) presented the Eagle Award

 Dressing him up in his Eagle neckerchief

 Getting my Eagle Mom pin!!
(I worked REALLY hard for this one)

 Lane getting his Eagle Dad pin

Jack selected his cousin Henson for his Mentor Award.  Henson (also an Eagle Scout) has been an excellent Scouting example for Jack, and he is also responsible for introducing Jack to Timberline.  Jack spent one year as a Timberline participant, and the last 3 years on Timberline Staff.

We are so proud of Jack!  And at the end of the day - I'm really glad I only have one son.