Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Let's Eat!

When life gets crazy, as it frequently does around the Funk Homestead, we eat out.  The following list is representative of my faves only, the others can speak for themselves.  For instance, Lane could eat at Taco Amigo every single day.  That's excessive.  Hey, I like Taco 'Migi (that's what our kids called it when they were small) as much as the next PG resident, but come on. That's a lot of Taco Amigo.
So here are my top 5 choices when I get to choose and have some time to spare, because, let's be honest, none of these are quick in-and-out sorts of places.

BEST WINGS:  I am a lover of wings.  Hot and spicy . . . garlic-y . . . tobacco-y.  Yum.  Don't let anyone deceive you:  Buffalo Wild Wings is not the best wing place around.  Actually, it's not even close.  I was left disappointed when we went there.  The best wings around are at Rocky Mountain Wingshak in American Fork.  They don't have as many sauce options as BWW, but they do have quite a few (substantially more than the normal hot/mild options).  The best one there?  Garlic Pepper.  Get the boneless wings - much easier to eat.  Oh, and get the tots with it.  (Location: next to Coldstone in American Fork).

BEST SOUTH-OF-THE-BORDER CUISINE:  Milagros.  They have a Mango Chicken Salad that I would sell one of my children for.   This is a sit-down place, not the normal cattle-call that is CafĂ© Rio/Costa Vida.  Real plates, not foil thingys.  Real cups, no lids.  Chips and 2, count them -2, 2 kinds of salsa.  Sometimes on weekend nights they have some kid come around and play guitar at the tables.  Some call that ambiance.  I call it annoying.  But I am willing to overlook that for the greater good.  And good it is.  (Location:  Orem, 800 North near Winco and Taco Time)

BEST BARBECUE:  Smoking Apple.  I do love me some Brisket.  It used to be that Wallabys had the best brisket around.  But then Smoking Apple came to town.  Their brisket is so good and tender it almost melts in your mouth.  You'll want to get the smashed potatoes and side salad with it.  And on the salad you want the house dressing, I think its a raspberry vinaigrette.  YUMMY!   They also have ribs and pork and a really good cheesesteak, but I stick with the brisket.  (Location: Lindon State Street, top of the hill.)

BEST SUBS:  Firehouse Subs. Jack is usually the cause of our busy-ness and twice a month he has a trombone lesson at Summerhays Music in Orem right at dinner time. His lesson goes for an hour so I take the time to find something to eat.  We stumbled upon Firehouse Subs once while trolling for something other than Subway to eat during his lesson.  These are easily the best subs around.  Lots of choices, both hot and cold.  The only problem is that it is way down in Orem so we only go when Jack has a lesson.  (Location:  University Parkway, Orem, south of University Mall)

BEST BURGERS:  Holding this coveted spot for about 15 years now (I was pregnant with Jack when they opened), is JCWs in American Fork.   They  know how to do Bacon!  And as a side note, they have the best Dr. Pepper mix around.  You know how it tastes different from one fountain to another?  JCWs got it just perfect.  You will want to order anything with bacon on it, onion rings (also the best around) and a shake.   But only get a small or a mini.  DO NOT get a large shake unless you have a small army to share it with.  (Location:  American Fork State Street, around 500 East)

Sorry I am too lazy to google addresses.  I should have done it while I was looking up the pictures.  Let me know what you think when you go try out these places, because you should if you haven't.  I'll even volunteer to go with you.  Except for Firehouse Subs.  Unless you are driving or it's Trombone Lesson day.

On that note, I'm off to Trombone Lessons now.  :)  Guess what's for dinner?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

He was right. Again.

So it's Jack's first year of PGHS Marching Band.  Please don't be confused - he's not in high school yet, although he is frequently thought to be.  Our 9th grade is still at the junior high, but can participate in the high school marching band.  Anyway, that's him playing his trombone . . . not in formation . . . way out in front  . . .  Well, they had only had 2 weeks of practice and this was his first parade.  They sounded good anyway, and despite it being hot and "a really long walk," he survived and had a good enough experience that he's still willing to stick with it.  The boy does love his music.

And here's my latest act of pure stupidity:

About 2 weeks ago I was getting ready for the day, it must have been a Saturday or part of the July 4th weekend because Lane was home (therein lies the trouble).  I was talking to him about some sort of nonsense whilst putting in my contacts.  Suddenly I realized that the left contact lens was lost.  I must have dropped it, I figured.  So Lane and I crawled all over the bathroom floor with one of his many flashlights (a subject for another post), and couldn't find it.  I always plug the sink, but had foolishly released the plug before I realized that I was still left-eye blind.  No contact lens could be found.

Lane:  Are you sure you didn't put both in the same eye?

Me: How stupid are you accusing me of being?  Of course I didn't put both in the same eye.

Lane:  Maybe you should double check.

So I did my best sigh of haughty derision and an exaggerated eye roll and searched all over in my right eye.  Only one lens.  I popped the lens out to make sure that there weren't two stuck together.  Nope.

Me:  Ha!  See I told you I wouldn't put two in one eye!

So the next business day I went down to the eye doctor to order a replacement left lens.

Secretary:  That will be $80, Mrs. Funk.

Me:  Are you freaking kidding me?  For one lens?

Ok, so I didn't really say that, but I totally thought it and wrote out a check for $80.  And proceeded for the next week to wear my glasses which have an old prescription and need to be replaced as well.

After about a week I picked up the left lens from the eye doctor.  So happy was I to be able to reclaim my vanity and toss the stupid glasses aside.  And the next morning getting ready for work, I faithfully cleaned both contacts and put them in.  Fellow GSP contact lens wearers can attest to the fact that when you have gone without contacts for a while, they are not terribly comfortable during that initial return to contacts, and there was indeed some discomfort.  I assumed it would lessen as the day went on. 

And it did.

But only in my LEFT eye.

My vision was off all day.  I figured I would have to return to the eye doctor and tell them that they had managed to order the wrong left lens or something.  Because something was just not right.  And the right lens was just . . . not comfortable. 

When I finally got ready for bed that evening, I popped out the left lens first, cleaned it, put in in the container.  Then popped out the right lens.  Wait.  Lens . . . es.  What??

Yes, its true.  Once I popped out that right lens, the two lenses finally separated (those dry eyes of mine finally pay off . . . I guess?).  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  That stupid left lens had been in my right eye the whole time.  And now I had 3 lenses.  No wonder my vision was off.  No wonder my right eye was uncomfortable.  Plus, I, the Cheapest Person Alive, had spent $80 for nothing.  And - more importantly - I had to confess to Lane what I had done, and utter those 3 little words all husbands love to hear and wives hate to say:

You Were Right.

So I called him at work, and he only laughed at me a little bit.  Well, a little bit while I was on the phone with him.  He won't tell me how much he laughed at me after I hung up in shame.

Back when I had time to watch Rachel Ray's cooking shows in the afternoon, she prepared a meal that has since become a family favorite.  I'm not even sure what her name for it was, but we call it Hot Dog Salad.  Don't judge me - it's surprisingly good and a perfect summer meal.    Salad greens, grilled hot dogs and onions, tomatoes and a mustard based dressing - yum.  Served up with some homemade French fries and a fresh lime drink and it's perfect for hot summer days.

Ok, you can judge me if you want.  But only based on the contact lens thing.  :)