Saturday, October 20, 2012

I still missed 3/4 of the football game

Because it is way long over due, we took a day as a family vacation of sorts since we never took a family vacation during the summer because of Lane being in school.  So for our Fall Break we went up to see the Church sites in Salt Lake.  It turns out I'm an even crappier mom than I had thought because Jack and Addie have never been up there.  Actually Jack has, but he was like 2 or younger.  Being the traffic/crowd haters that we are, we just never really thought about going.  But Trax makes it lots easier (ignoring, of course, the invasion of personal space that comes with public transportation.  Eww.)  So we hopped on the train in Sandy and off we went.

We had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory at the City Creek Center.  Lane (foolishly) ordered the Burrito Grande, and it was indeed muy grande.  We all had to laugh at his face when the waiter set it down in front of him.  He was only able to eat about a third of it, and even Jack couldn't polish it off.  We had to carry a large Cheesecake Factory bag of leftovers around with us all day, because even those of us who finished our dinner still had to have some cheesecake, we just couldn't eat it right then.  We enjoyed our Burrito/Cheesecake feast later that night.

It rained lightly off and on all day, but mostly it was clear. The sun came out a few times too.

We took the elevator in the Church Office Building up to the observation deck and enjoyed the vast panorama from up there. 

Jack channelled his inner Sheldon and thought he had located the perfect accoustical seat in the tabernacle.

We even ventured on to the Red Line of Trax and went up to the Stadium to see the Olympic cauldron.

This week's Saturday morning hike took us up to the Battle Creek waterfall again.  It was quiet and peaceful and we only saw one other person on our entire round trip.  The leaves were more vibrant last week when we were up there doing Jack's Eagle project, but still pretty today.

After our hike and other chores (grocery shopping, gas-tank-filling, etc) I made 2 batches of grape jelly.  I do not advise attempting to make jelly during the commercials of a football game.  It might not end well.  It could involve broken mason jars, boiling jelly that splatters all over the stove and walls, spilled sugar on the stove top (which then carmelizes because the stove is hot) and floor (ewww - gritty on bare feet!), and the smoke alarm going off.

None of these things happened to me, of course.  I'm far too together to let that happen.  It's just a theory I came up with.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Sucktastic Vacuum that Won't

I have worked very hard - so very, very hard - to earn my title as the Cheapest Person Alive.  Pursuit of said title sometimes leads me to make poor purchases. 

Case in Point:

Me:  Lane, it's simply too much effort to carry the vacuum downstairs.  We need to get a vacuum to just keep downstairs.

Lane:  Whatever.

Me:  Let's go get one right now.  (things like this must, of course, be done immediately)

Lane:   Whatever.

So we went to Walmart (where I never like to go if it can be avoided, but it's tough as the Cheapest Person Alive to avoid the big W for very long). 

Me:  Looky, Lane!  This vaccuum is pink and it only costs $30ish.

Lane:  Don't you think you might be happier if you spent a normal amount of money on a vacuum so we don't have to buy one again next month when this one dies?

Me:  But it's pink!

Lane:  Are you sure - really sure - that you want such a cheap vacuum?

Me:  Sure.  It's only for downstairs, it's make by Eureka, and it's pink.  It'll be fine.

Lane:  I really think you should get a better vacuum.

Me:  But it's pink!

Lane:  Whatever.

Guess what.  The pink vacuum is terrible.  We've had it for a while because I have refused to admit that Lane was right.  Instead,  I (and by "I," of course I mean Lane or Jack) have spent the better part of a year or so digging out the clogged hose or trying to clear the filter.   So tonight after attempting to vacuum:

Me:  I HATE this vacuum.  I'm throwing it out.  It's the worst vacuum in the history of vacuums.

I knew the "I told you so" was coming.

But being the good, well-trained husband that he is, he simply smiled at me and said fine.

So here's what I have learned:
1.  Spend more than $30 on a vacuum.
2.  Just because it's pink doesn't mean it's better.  It should, but it doesn't.
3.  I will never again buy a bagless vacuum. 
4.  I probably still won't listen to Lane's advice.
5.  I kinda like vacuuming.
6.  I'm pretty sure I need new carpet.
7.  I definitely need a new couch.
8.  The word "vacuum" is starting to look really weird.

So any sage vacuum advice is welcome, since it's still way too much work to bring the "upstairs" vacuum downstairs.  I am also working on earning a "Laziest Person Alive" title.