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Snow College Class of 1990 - Can you believe its been 25 years?!?

Once upon a time, a long, LONG time ago I set my heart on going to Snow College.  This came after going to a Youth Conference there between my Junior and Senior years of high school.  I had never been to Snow College prior to then, and as soon as I set my foot on campus that first day of Youth Conference, I knew that was the place for me.  I'm not sure why, but it just sort of . . . fit.

When I told friends at school where I had decided to go, I got one of two responses:  "Where?"  and, more commonly, "Why?"  I understood the Where, but the Why hurt.  Not everyone was destined for BYU, or even the school of the day, UVCC (which of course later became UVSC, then UVSU, and currently UVU, although it could easily be called BYU West).

So off I went in September of 1988.  I knew 3 of my roommates from high school, but the other 2 were unknown.  I can still remember how nervous I was for the whole college experience, but how excited at the same time.  Living away from home and all that.  Having friends to live with helped that transition immensely.

So we all got settled in to Pinetree #15: Me, Heather, KyLee, Toni (who later became Crissy, who later became Tricia), Lori and Becky.

I really lucked out, roommate wise.  We got along really well and had a blast living together.  I think I've mentioned before that we get together for lunch once a year or so, but I think I've dropped the ball on that.  I think its been 2 years since we last got together.  I better get on that.

It was so much fun, my Freshman year.  Honestly, I can't think of a more fun school year in my life than my Freshman year at Snow College.

Sure, we had some "moments."  Cleaning out the fridge was always a horror.  Why was there always so much tuna fish?  I refuse to eat expired dairy, so my milk etc was up for grabs as soon as the expiration date rolled around (apparently that's a weird thing).  And lest we forget, my absolute refusal to play intramural softball.  Once I was needed to avoid a forfeit, so I angrily stood in right field, refusing to move AT ALL.  If a ball was hit my direction (and a few were), I just stood there and let someone else get it.  But we did avoid the forfeit.  And in case you are wondering, it was Becky's fault.  She was late to the game.  Stupid boyfriend.  Whom she later married.

But the best thing to come out of Freshman year was a sweet guy named Lane.  Funny thing is I remember seeing him all the time, all over campus. But we never spoke.  Then when Tricia moved in in January, guess who came to visit her? That guy I saw all over the place.  Turns out he was a friend of hers from West Jordan High.  So that's how we met. 

I wasn't looking for anyone at the time, I dated a little, but only a little. I was waiting for a missionary at the time.  But they say when you aren't looking, look out.

So we met not long before my birthday, and after that when he would see me on campus he would say "Happy Birthday Larry."  He knew my name wasn't Larry, but he did know it agitated me.  

And here we are, 23 years later.  And he's still agitating me.

Funny thing: of the 6 of us in the apartment that year, 5 of us married our missionaries.  Ok, KyLee's missionary was from high school, but the rest of us met our guys at Snow College during that year and married them.  And are still married to them.  :)

Halloween 1988

Innagural Ball, 1989

Lane had annoyed us somehow, so we convinced him and his roommate Mark to come stand under my apartment window so I could take their picture.  Stupid boys - they came and stood under the window while my roommates dumped water on them from our 2nd floor apartment.

So off Lane went on his mission (so I followed up my waiting for a missionary with waiting for another missionary), and back I went to Snow College for Sophomore year.  I lived again in Pinetree #15, but only Lori and Heather returned.  New roommates were RuthAnn (replaced by another Heather), Jennie Lin, and Wendi.

Again, we had a great time.  But I was missing Lane and preparing for a transfer to BYU so I was a little more accademically inclined that year and didn't spend so much time goofing off.

That year I cut Heather's leg badly (or was that Freshman year?) and had endless frustrations with Lori who wouldn't write her term papers in a timely enough manner for me.  Seriously, that was the worst stress I ever experienced in 2 years down there: knowing she had a term paper due that she hadn't even started yet.  You see, I was the sort of student who started on a paper the day it was assigned. I still can't do things last minute, and I need those around me to not do things last minute either.  I think Lori would intentionally push me to the edge just to see if I would actually write the paper for her, just to get it done.  (Just kidding Lori. You know I love you.)

But I made some great friends that 2nd year at Snow.  We lived across the hall from a bunch of guys on the baseball team, and they were so much fun. I actually went to baseball games that year, getting sunburned on more than one occasion, and learned a few things about the game, which prepared me for living with my baseball-loving husband  (I might understand the game a little bit more, but I still don't like it,  Its so slow!)  Lori and I even drove to Helper to watch them play once.  I'm not sure why.  Helper?  Really?

Also that second year at Snow, I drove from Ephraim to Nephi for salt and vinegar chips because there weren't any in Manti, Ephraim, Moroni, or Mount Pleasant.  Sometimes you just gotta have some chips.

Halloween, 1989

Tricia and KyLee came for a visit and we apparently decided to spend some time being disrespectful at the Manti Temple

Graduation day
June 2, 1990

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