Friday, December 12, 2014

There is still time for Panic

 This dog is hillarious.  He loves this stupid squeaker toy that Santa brought him last Christmas.  It's really hard to take him seriously when he is squeaking like crazy.  The kids (and Lane) love to throw it for him to fetch because he can't stop (or start) very well on the wood floor.   He slides into stuff when he can't stop or looks somewhat like a cartoon character when he tries to go fetch: his little feet are moving wildly, but he doesn't go anywhere.  It's so much fun to watch.  The dumb dog has now decided our wood pile is his personal chew toy and has dragged wood all over the yard to gnaw on.    Well, I guess that's better than digging.  He gets upset when I'm in my sewing room and barks at me through the window.  I think he's freaked out because I'm underground.  Who knows?  I think our dog has serious mental problems.  We've already established he has some degree of separation anxiety.  And then there's the whole cowardly thing which I've addressed at length.  Its also fun to put Taylor on the speaker phone.  He can't figure it out.  He must be thinking, "Where is she?  I can hear her, but I can't find her.  And I need her to pet me."  He looks all over.  Stupid, cowardly dog.  But we love him.

 The week before Thanksgiving was the Trans Siberian Orchestra concert in SLC.  Sadly, Taylor couldn't get away from school to come with us.  We went up early enough we had time to visit the City Creek Center and Temple Square.  They had some lights on at Temple Square.  We took Trax up and back, which is so much better than trying to drive around downtown this time of year. 

The first 2 years we went to this concert they did the same story and music, albeit with different backgrounds.  This was a different program altogether.  I liked the story better.  The other one was a little bit depressing, even though it ended happy. This was a happier story and the music was amazing.  Of course there are always some familiar favorites thrown in, and they always end with the wildly popular Sarajevo (their version of Carol of the Bells).  Hearing it on the radio or Spotify just isn't nearly the same as seeing it live.  For anyone who has never been to this concert, I would highly recommend it.  We enjoy it so much!  It's a perfect way to kick off the holiday season.

 After Thanksgiving we got our tree decorated.  I didn't get as many new ornaments this year as last, to Lane's delight.  There was brief speculation we were going to add another Christmas tree, making 5, but that didn't work out.  Again, to Lane's delight. 

I got a "Texas" ornament as my souvenier from my trip to Texas last July with Jack for FCCLA. 

 I fell in love with this one, the game Sorry, when I saw it in the Hallmark catalog that gets mailed out in July.  Yes, July.  Yes, Hallmark catalog.  It's one of my favorite pieces of mail in the year.  I spend waaaayyyyy too much time going through the catalog, dog-earing pages and making careful notes. 

Another Hallmark special: Olaf.  I loved the movie (although it's no Tangled) and Olaf made me laugh ("I don't have a skull.  Or bones.").  So it seemed a good addition. 

Although I have taken on quite a few sewing projects this year, and it is December 12, I have paced myself better this year than in years past and am on track to finish up on time as planned.  I may even have time to squeeze in one or two more things, as long as they are small. 

No Full-Blown-Christmas Panic this year.

Well, not yet.

But its only December 12.