Saturday, January 3, 2015

MC Clap Yo Handz

The Geek Hierarchy as found on Pinterest

The Princess subway art, again as found on Pinterest

Burton Guster's nicknames

Whether found on Pinterest or not, I did all the typesetting, etc myself.  The top 2 were easy, the nicknames, not so much.  It took quite some time to track down the Psych font and get everything to work out with justified margins and spacing.  I wanted to incorporate a pineapple somehow, but I just couldn't get it to work out right.  

And why is MC Clap Yo Handz so big?  Because it's my favorite, that's why.

My art, my way.

I'll need more flannel

 Jack playing the bells

For Christmas Eve it is our custom to have a musical presentation by each of the kids.  Typically, that means that Jack has to do more presentations since he can play more stuff.  Weird thing, he "accidentally" left his trombone at school rendering him unable to play that instrument for Christmas Eve.  As punishment, I had him do a vocal number with Addie.  I think he won't "forget" his trombone again.

 Addie and Jack singing "Silent Night," Taylor accompanying

 Addie on the piano

 It is another of our custom that the gifts between the kids be homemade.  Supposedly by them.  Meaning:  Mom makes the gifts.

Jack "made" for Taylor a full list of all the Burton Guster nicknames from Psych. Taylor loves Psych.  Actually, we all love Psych, but Taylor loves it extra much.

 Addie printed off some Disney Princess coloring pages. Taylor still loves to color.  Shhh, don't tell.

 Addie "made" print of the Geek Hierarchy for Jack. She found it on Pinterest.

 Taylor made (no, really. She actually did this on her own) bowls with Jack's and Addie's names on them.

Apparently not photographed is the Princess subway art type thing that Jack "made" for Addie.  I'll have to include it in another post.  It turned out really cute.  Another Pinterest find.

Actually, Pinterest was my best friend this Christmas.  For once I actually made some stuff I had pinned, and it even turned out!

 Addie in her Christmas pajamas, with doll pajamas to match.

 Doll clothes I made . . .

  . . . and more doll clothes that I made (Pinterest) . . .

  . . . and an apron and chef's hat (Pinterest)  . . .

  . . . and still more that I made . . .

 . . . and yet even more that I made.

I sewed more this Christmas than I have in recent memory.  I had all kinds of fun, paced myself well, and got it all done with time to spare.  In fact, the matching doll pajamas weren't part of the original plan, I just found myself with extra time.  Crazy!

 Taylor asleep

 Jack playing a new video game

 I made this Christmas tree skirt.  I had been thinking about it in my head for a year, but couldn't figure out how to get the angles right so it would actually make a circle. So I asked Jack.  He figured it out in about 2 minutes.  It was embarrassing.

 Again the doll apron and hat

And finally, the doll sleeping bags and pillows I made.  (Pinterest)

I also sewed aprons for both my girls.  Addie's, of course, matches her doll's.  And I made some oven mitts to match Taylor's apron.  I used up tons of my fabric scraps, so that's always good. 

Jack does stuff just to get under my skin.  He argues with me for no reason.  He, in short, pokes me with a sharp stick just to get a reaction.  Case in point: Who would EVER eat a Kit Kat like that?  It's just wrong beyond words.  Just looking at the photo is painful.

Lane is officially a graduate of U of Phx.  It's been a long, long journey filled with plenty of weeping, wailing (Statistics) and gnashing of teeth (Photoshop).  As it turns out, the timing was perfect since the job he went back to school to be eligible for became available in December.  He applied, interviewed, and was offered the job.  He is now the Plant Hygienist.  I'm not entirely sure what that means in English, but I know it means this:  He can get up with me at 4:45 am and go with me to the gym.  And he get to have an office with real walls and everything (he calls it a closet).   Funny how it all timed out so perfectly.  Further evidence of how blessed we are.

During the Christmas break while I was off work I sewed up a baby quilt for a friend who had her first baby.  It turned really cute.  Cute enough that the new mom was impressed with all the hard work I had gone to to make something so nice.  Truth be told:  5 hours of work, including the time spent shopping and cutting out the squares. It's the worlds easiest and most forgiving quilt. 

The Favorite Family Quilt is dying, so I guess I'll make this type of quilt to replace it.  Maybe more than one since everyone fights over the Favorite Family Quilt at Sunday Afternoon Nap Time.