Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Love of a Good (but cowardly) Dog

Despite our best intentions we haven't gotten out for our Saturday morning hikes this summer.  We finally made the time for it the last 2 weeks and went up in the PG foothills, taking Rex along.  The first time we went, Lane got brave since there was no one around and let Rex off the leash.  I expected the dog to bolt.  But I was once again wrong with regards to this dog and he stayed right in line.  He meandered off the trail a to explore, but always stayed close by.  He insisted on being the leader of us and he would always look back to make sure we were still there and safe.  In some places where the trail is narrow and we can't walk side by side (that means I'm in the back because I'm slow), Rex would walk all the way back to me to make sure I was still safe too.  It really made my heart fill with love to know that he cared.
 Me and Rex

North Utah Valley from the foothills

But this week I remembered that our dog is not brave. Not even a little bit brave.  So I have decided that instead of Rex looking back to make sure we are safe, I think he is actually looking back to make sure we are still there to protect him, perhaps even from his own shadow.  Our dog is a bit of a coward, but he does love his People.

We took a longer hike this week, about 2 1/2 miles on this favorite trail of ours.  Rex was still so well behaved I was more than a little bit shocked.  Once again I'll have to credit Lane for knowing what he's talking about.  He's done a better job of training the dog than I thought he did.

We got the good news - the very good news - this week that Lane only has 2 classes to go.  Each class lasts 5 weeks so he should be done by October (fingers crossed for no surprises!).  What a relief it will be to have that journey complete.

We are gearing up for the start of another school year.  I got the fees paid and the clothes bought. We got the kids rooms cleared out and all the old stuff tossed or taken to DI.  We are moving into my favorite time of year, which means I had better start gathering my jars for all the applesaucing and tomato souping/saucing that is coming.  Oh, and grape jamming and juicing.  I have done several batches of berry jam over the summer to replenish that supply.  Its still shocking to me how much jam we go through in a year.  I somewhat suspect that Camaron is breaking into my house and stealing jam.  He knows the garage code.  Its a reasonable assumption given how fast we go through jam.

So here we go back into the busy time of year, after a mostly relaxed summer.  I have started filling things in on the calendar and its filling up quickly.  Sadly, the Legacy Music Alliance where Jack has been taking his trombone lessons has indefinitely suspended the music lessons due to lack of funding.  Although this will be one less thing on the schedule, it has been so beneficial to have those extra lessons.  I'm sad to see it end.  And Addie will be turning 12 in a few months so she will be a little busier as she starts participating in the youth programs.  And of course I'll go back to missing Taylor desperately.

Soon it will be just me and Lane and Rex rambling around this old house.  We'll have to invest in some rocking chairs for the porch so we can really live it up.