Saturday, June 1, 2013

I'm good at Guilt - I took a class.

Taylor with her cousin Henson.  Somehow PGHS miscounted and didn't bring enough diploma covers. Thank goodness Taylor (F) got hers, but sad for Henson (W), who didn't.  I'm sure the school will get more, but they really should have planned better.

One of my brother Calvin's favorite things to do is to hug Nanette because it really upsets her (not really, she's a good sport).  They are old high school friends and it's a fun thing Calvin started doing a while back and it's become a game.  See, she doesn't look too upset about it.

Taylor with her Funk Grandparents and Grandma Wilson.  My parents snuck off too quick and we didn't get pictures with them.

Taylor in the A Capella Choir singing her final song as a PGHS student.  It was a nice song, and thankfully they sung it at their final concert because I couldn't hear it very well at graduation.  The Marriott Center was not designed for singing.

So now it's all over.  The day that seemed a lifetime away has come and gone.  It's quite a proud moment for a parent to see a child graduate.  Especially when that child has grown up to be as awesome as my Taylor.

We'll do this again for Jack in 4 short years, and then again for Addie 4 short years after that.  By then Taylor will have graduated from college (she BETTER!!) and will probably be married.  That's really weird to think about.  But like everything else, it will be here before we know it.

We are so proud of her, and proud to be her parents.


This morning we (and about 2500 other people) did the Nestle Art City Days 5K.  It was perfect weather, but there were so many people!!  I found out just before the start that the race started uphill.  How much uphill can there be?  I thought.  This is a "Family Fun Run," I thought.  I'll just walk the uphill part, I thought.
Um, yeah.  The first half was uphill.  Not so much uphill in the beginning, but then the road turned and leveled out, it appeared.  No.  It turned and became a much bigger hill.  So I walked almost all the first half.  I jogged a little bit, but only a little bit.
Once I got to the top of the hill and it leveled out, I did much better and earned back some of my lost time.  I finished at 46:40,  about a minute behind my time from the Memorial Day run, so considering how much I walked, I think I had a pretty strong finish.  Jack ran almost the whole thing, including all the uphill, and finished with a better time at 27:40.  Taylor, Lane and Addie walked the entire race, and finished around 55 minutes.  Even with that big hill, Addie kept trudging along and she is proud that she never did stop.
I'm happy that Taylor is smiling in this picture. She was quite grumpy all morning ("I don't smile until noon!").  But we got some Dr. Pepper and breakfast in her and that seemed to change her disposition.
Next up is the Strawberry Days 5K later in June.  Jack won't be doing it because he'll be with the Marching Band.  Lane said he'll do it.  Addie always wants do it.  Grandma Wilson is nursing a sore foot, but hopefully she will do it - she has to defend her 1st in Division status from last year.  I think Taylor might bribe someone to get a work schedule that will prevent her from joining us.  We'll see.  I can lay on a pretty good guilt trip.  I'll win her over.