Thursday, April 19, 2012

Don't judge me - I can run farther than . . . well, not much

We survived March and April. This is no small accomplishment. As you know, it's Jack's fault really. No one stepped up to be his driver/secretary, so that was left to Lane, Taylor and me. Track is winding down, FCCLA is over except the big Gala (which, naturally falls on the same day as the end-of-Track team party), and all of the Pow Wows are done. Whew. Now to gear up for the Eagle project.
Amongst all that, Jack's team won the championship for the March league, his track team has done well, and he is almost certain to qualify for Alpine Days in shot put. I am grateful that he wants to be so involved, but - wow - he is REALLY involved. Did I mention he wants to be considered for FCCLA officer for next year? Yeah. That will help with all the busy-ness.
I took us all in to the eye doctor for a checkup. The kids haven't been for 2 years. Turns out I hadn't been for 4 years. That explains why my contacts were so uncomfortable and blurry. Last time Addie was checked her vision was -.5. Now she is up to -1.75. That explains a lot. Isn't she cute in her new glasses? I talked her into a new haircut too. Darnit, she looks too grown up.
Of course there must be cupcakes. Easter is the excuse this time. The coconut was far too sparse because I relied on my memory ("No! You don't need to buy any coconut. You have plenty at home") instead of checking on the coconut inventory ("Yeah. There's almost no coconut.") On top of that I was chastized for using plain old jelly beans instead of the mini eggs or jelly bellies. Oh, the shame.

I took 6 pictures on Easter morning. Not one of them has all 3 kids smiling and looking the same direction. This is the best of the bunch, and Jack looks like he's going to cry. Or maybe he really needs to go to the bathroom. Who knows with him.
In March I took a running class at Runners Corner. As I suspected, I was in fact doing everything wrong. So between the new shoes and the (supposedly) improved form and technique, I am still plugging along. I set out the other night hoping to go 2 1/2 miles. I went as far as I could and Google Maps later informed me it was 1.93 miles. Not too bad considering this new form/technique is forcing me to use muscles that haven't seen the light of day in . . . well . . . probably ever. Somehow my abs are sore from that run. And I think my music selection was counter-productive. I tried running with a metronome to set my pace, but that made me crazy after about a half mile. If I could eliminate some of the clutter from my schedule, I would be able to get out more than once or twice a week. Good grief, I've been training for over a year and am only up to 1.93 miles?
In other Where-In-The-Crap-Did-The-Time-Go news, Lane and I will celebrate 20 years of wedded bliss next Tuesday. We are getting away this weekend for some R&R. 20 years. Wow. We're really old.