Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Note To Self - Buy More Frozen Peas

It hurts. It hurts so much. Why, oh why, must it hurt soooooo much?

Shouldn't this whole running thing be getting better by now? Then why is it getting harder? Why at about week 8 or so (I know my C25K says week 3 - that's just how pathetic I am) are my shin splints back with such a vengence? Is it possible that some people just aren't built for running and are, in fact, built for simply sitting around eating rice krispy treats and watching TV?

Did I mention that it hurts?

And I'm down to my last 2 bags of frozen vegetables.

I barely completed my session tonight. Even with telling myself, "Come on, you big Fatty. You can do an extra half lap. It's only a half lap. Not even a full lap extra. Just a half." I was positive. I had a good vibe. But the vibe did not communicate itsself to my shins and I was actually gritting my teath and willing the tears not to fall as I finished up my 3 minutes. Even Addie could tell I was dying. Today the heart and lungs were willing, but the legs couldn't do it. If I could just get my heart/lungs and legs on the same page, I would be doing just fine.

I ordered myself a book from Amazon and it arrived a few days ago. It's a book, called "Lost Moon" that I've wanted to read for a while, but the PG Library doesn't have it. So I ordered it up on Amazon for about $7 including shipping.

"Lost Moon" is the story of Apollo 13 written by James Lovell. I have seen Apollo 13 the movie so many times I can nearly recite it and I never miss a documentary (if I know it's on) that has to do with the moon landings. Some people may call it an obsession. Of course, I know that it's perfectly normal. Anyone who doesn't share my passion is misguided. It's as simple as that.

So imagine the thrill in my heart when my book arrived, hardbound and in lovely condition, and I found it was autographed. There was no mention of an autograph on the Amazon description. Sure, it says "To Eddie - James Lovell", but I don't care. What a happy surprise!

My inbox is open to any and all suggestions to help my ailing shins. I'm pretty sure a long foot rub would heal everything, but so far Lane is unwilling to help me out. Says he doesn't "do feet." Maybe I'll just break out my last box of samoas. It's not quite the same, but it's the best I've got.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bee in my Bonnet


It hits all of us about this time each year. It got me earlier in the week, but thanks to something or other (right or wrong, I'm blaming it on my increased activity) it wasn't as bad as usual and has mostly passed by. Whew. That's one less thing.

But the down days have taken their toll and I haven't strapped on my running shoes in over a week. Therefore, instead of repeating week 4 a second time, I'm opting to go back to week 3. Hopefully a week of laying around drinking Nyquil hasn't set me back farther than that and I'll be able to resume my "training" with little difficulty. Keep your fingers crossed.

Some people have asked me what I've been doing. It is actually called "Couch to 5K" ( It's an ipod app, but I assume there is something equivalent for other platforms. The point of it is to take a recovering couch potato like myself and over the course of 9 weeks (unless you are a repeater, like myself) take you from almost no running at all to a 5k. My plan is that my first 5K attempt will the Strawberry Days 5k in mid-June, unless some miracle makes me feel prepared to do one sooner than that. But what better time to do an initial humiliation in front of complete strangers as well as life-long friends and acquaintances than at my hometown festival? If I time it right, I can pass out right in front of our traditional seats in front of PG Printers and just have my family drag me into the shop before they call 9-11.

In other mundane news, I got a "bee in my bonnet" yesterday and convinced my kids to paint my kitchen chairs and table, and - even more miraculously - convinced Lane to paint the kitchen. Said painting also required a coat of primer since the Peanut Brittle color I had picked out about 2-ish years ago was kinda dark. This color is called "Spring Bud" and is a green shade (citrus-y, if I had to choose a word) and it is not far from a white. It's subtle, but fresh and clean. I'm painting the white part of my dining room set a barn red, leaving the wood parts alone. I think (read: hope) that the two colors will look as good together as they do in my head. Also, being the cheapest person alive has make finding/buying curtains an excercise in futility so I found some fabric and I'll sew up my own valances. Sometimes ya just need a change, ya know?

We were invited to dinner at Kassie & Jesse's house tonight. That was a lot of fun. Dinner was fabulous, the baby was adorable (he's sick too, poor guy!), and we played some fun games.

Got my bills paid tonight and my checkbook all caught up. I wonder if the day will ever come that I don't absolutely detest that little chore. I hate it. Always have. I guess I always will.

Will trade cupcakes for accounting service.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why it's important to read the label

Here is what I learned today:

1) Allow for a recovery day between C25K sessions. Having such successful runs the last two sessions have made me cocky and so I went to run again today. This overly optimistic activity is why I'm sitting here now, with bags of frozen corn on my shins, wallowing in self-pity in the knowledge that I was able to complete only 2 minutes of my last 5 minute run. This is what I get for allowing an 8 year old to convince me to go again with "You can do it, Mommy! I know you can!" Now I know that she's a liar.

2) Normally one of my favorite songs, "Beautiful Day" by U2 is a truly craptastic song for running when you just want to die and there is nothing beautiful about the day at all. Except the Beautiful People at the gym who run lap after effortless lap. I hate them. I hate them all. I need to thank Pink and Fallout Boy for getting me through most of my run, but "Beautiful Day" may have to be removed from the playlist.

3) Samoas make EVERYTHING better. Everything. Every single little thing.

4) I read the label for Nutter Butters and since it turns out they have both fiber and protein, I'm now considering them a household staple and a health food. I suggest you do the same.